Hi, my name is Si, although most people online know me as ‘Psionic’, I’m from the UK and I’ve been doing 2D/3D Art and Game Design as a one man team for over 10 years now!!

I have been working as a freelance 2D/3D Game artist for around 10 years at this point and I’ve been creating games using FLASH for various portals like:-

…and I’ve also worked on some pretty high profile advergame projects for Addicting Games like Star Trek, Iron Man 2, TinTin, MIB 3, Kung Fu Panda 2, Henry Headshot, BMX Baboon to name a few!!

I am probably most well known for creating the Being One series, Killer Escape series, Ghostscape 1, 2 & 3D, Urbex, Icescape, Tombscape etc – basically for creating loads of scary flash point & click escape adventure games 😉

I have recently started using UNITY 3D to create online and Android games, so check out my games page for my latest stuff!!

I use ZBRUSH, MODO 801 and 3D COAT to create the 3D elements and PHOTOSHOP ELEMENTS 11 to create all the 2D stuff

I use FL STUDIO to create all music and sound FX and FREE AUDIO EDITOR for recording/general audio processing. Check out my VIDEOS for more insight into the process.

I also have a website for the BEING ONE GAMES for my popular scifi escape adventure series!!


Psionic 2015

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13 comments on “About
  1. kelcooone says:

    Will there be Killer Escape 4?

  2. Elizabeth says:

    Hi Si, I don’t know if you remember me, I wrote a short story on Ghostscape 2 almost a year ago. I was just wondering if you knew any other game designers that know how to code and create games, or even if you perhaps wanted to work on and idea I’ve been mulling over together. If you do, just let me know and I’ll give you all the details.

    Thanks so much,

    • I remember you and the story, it was awesome…I’d certainly like to work with you at some point in the future (as writing is not my strong point as you probably already noticed) drop me an email if you like and we’ll talk some more in the new year!

  3. Marsstriker says:

    Hey Si! I’ve discovered your games recently – namely Urbex and the Killer Escape, Being One, and Ghostscape series – and I really love them! My favorite series of those is the Being One series. I know that you’re currently working on Killer Escape 3, and that you want to create other installments of games, including Ghostscape, Urbex, but most notably(In my eyes) Being One Episode Six. My question is do you plan on working on Being One after Killer Escape, or is that going to be foreshadowed by something else? Thank you for the entertainment you’ve provided and keep on creating awesome games!

    • Thanks for playing – I’m not sure what I’ll be working on next…I want to focus on UNITY 3D game development after KE3 and will probably do a few small experimental games to get into it. I also plan on HOPEFULLY getting Ghostscape 3D done for Halloween release this year…Other than that I want to continue Being One and Urbex – It all depends on how quickly I pickup this UNITY stuff 😉 Exciting times though as I believe I do my best work when learning new software and tools!!

  4. Greg Marshall says:

    Hello there.
    I like your games very much, and as a college student with Asperger’s syndrome, I like to study Puzzle/Adventure games like yours and those in the 90’s as inspiration for my own pictures and stories. Eventually, I hope to make games of these stories as well, because lately my imagination is so incredibly vivid that mere sketches and text don’t fully describe what I make.
    I’m just curious: You’ve come a long way with horror games now, but have you made any progress on Being One: Episode 6? I and probably several other fans are curious as to what will come next. And personally, if I made a scene, we should be able to see Dr. Rycroft and the Being face to face in 3rd Person. Mateusz Skutnik who makes the Submachine Games is almost done with his series.
    Write me back if you can.

    • Hi glad you like my games…I do intend to continue with Being One later this year, just gotta fit all this work into my life 😉 Behind the scenes I do work on various other games/projects for companies and this is why I can no longer churn out a game per month – plus these games are getting more and more complex it’s not easy to design and debug such things.

      That said, I am doing my best to get three of my big games out this year – Killer Escape 3, Being One 6 and Ghostscape 3 – That’s the plan anyway and whether I can stick to it remains to be seen, in my past experience things change along the way but like I say that’s the plan and all I can do is my best 😉

  5. John Lekkas says:

    Hey Si! Now where can we find you to talk to you? I too am a game developer… Perhaps adding a facebook/skype account somewhere? Thanx!

  6. 10blackroses says:

    Hi, I’m wondering if you’re ever gonna make more Ghostscape games? I love them – I don’t think they’re that scary, but I love those dark and gloomy stories. So please? Make more of them?


  7. H says:

    You are so incredibly talented!

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