This Short Story is set during the events of EPISODE 4

Did Venus escape?

Venus took one last look at the camfeeds on the screen and realised that those things were going to break through the doors in a matter of seconds. They were violence incarnate, pure nightmares unleashed and they were leaving a trail of blood and destruction behind them. Ancient myths did these 'Werewolves' no justice, their size and strength was morbidly fascinating to watch as they were literally unreal to see in action.

A scientist grabbed her arm and screamed 'We have to get to the escape pod!' he didn't give her any choice in the matter as he dragged her away from the doors. The base shook violently as another explosion detonated nearby. They sprinted down the corridor, lights flashing by, sirens blaring. Several other scientists Venus had never met before were grouped on the other side of the blast door up ahead. They were shouting and waving frantically as the sound of tearing metal and snapping bolts exploded behind Venus and the scientist. Venus didn't look back because she knew those things had broken through the doors, she just concentrated on sprinting toward the blast doors that were already closing.

The group of scientists had activated the door mechanism, it was going to shut whether they got to it or not. She crossed the threshold like an Olympic sprinter crossing a finish line, gasping for breath she turned to see an image she would never forget. The doors were shutting and beyond was the scientist who had helped her, his face twisted with shock. His eyes pleading with someone, anyone to help him. Behind him four massive beasts were rampaging down the corridor ripping doors off hinges, smashing machinery and howling as they closed in on their next victim. The blast door slammed shut and locking bolts ground into place.

Through the toughened glass Venus saw violent snapshots of flesh, blood, fur and massive teeth. They were tearing the poor scientist to shreds and there was nothing Venus or any of the other scientists could do. They all seemed to pause for a moment in shock, the sound of cracking bones and rending flesh forming a grisly backdrop as they stared moronically at each other. As one, they all started to run realizing it wouldn't be long before the werewolves were done feasting on their colleague. Venus led the way up the stairs to the next level where the escape pods were located followed closely by the other scientists.

Turning the corner her world exploded and she instinctively dived to the floor, the sound deafening her as she slid into cover behind a machine at the base of the stairs. Her vision began to clear as she looked back to see several of the other scientists round the corner. One of the older female scientists screamed as she was blown away by rapid gunfire, slumping to the floor in a pool of blood. Two of her associates were also riddled with bulletholes until someone shouted 'Cease fire!'

Ears ringing, Venus lay there too afraid to move, sight and sound returning with each passing moment. In the background she heard a deep roar prompting her to pick herself up and bolt up the staircase. As she reached the top she was faced with a barricade manned by a squad of guards all pointing their smoking guns directly at her. An order was given, the barricade was opened up and Venus was dragged unceremoniously through. Someone nearby shouted for the other scientists to come out and they slowly came around the corner, whimpering and scared. Venus turned to see them climb the staircase and the guards pull them through, closing the barricade back up behind them.

A guard shouted 'How many are there?' several times before Venus finally replied 'Four...maybe more.' One of the scientists, a young female barely out of her teens grabbed Venus's arm so tightly it hurt, saying 'Please don't let them kill me!' and all Venus could reply was 'I won't.' The guard moved them away from the barricade ordering them to get to the escape pods, none of them hesitated. He shouted after them 'Don't worry we'll soon clear this mess up!'

Venus and three other scientists including the one attached to her left arm made their way through the next set of glass doors towards the escape pods, a sense of security slowly returning after the guards reassurances.

Gunfire erupted behind them and shattered the short-lived sense of security. Howling, gunshots and the sound of men screaming filled the air. Venus just focussed on the escape pod ahead, again running as fast as she could. There was a boom along with the sound of shattering glass behind her. Something flew past on her right side slamming wetly into the wall up ahead. She kept on running, dragging the young girl along until she saw the object up ahead was the body of a guard, his bones broken, angled unnaturally. Venus tried not to look too closely as she bent down picking up his weapon, sticky with his blood.

The others piled into the escape pod, the young girl sitting in the far corner, whimpering and hugging her legs as shock began to take over. Venus dived into the pod activating the one button launch system. The doors began to close and warning sirens blared. She turned to the young girl asking 'Are you okay?' but the girl didn't reply.

Suddenly a massive blood-stained claw reached in through the door and effortlessly tore out the throat of the remaining male scientist, his body hitting the floor in a fountain of his own blood. The face of a werewolf reared up between the slowly closing doors, far too many teeth glistening wetly with blood and drool. A growl deep and guttural emanated from its throat, rumbling in the chests of the survivors evoking primal fears. The stench of its breath and blood soaked fur filled the escape pod and caused the young girl to wretch in the corner.

Venus quickly raised the gun to the beasts face and pulled the trigger. A single empty click was not what she had hoped to hear. Instead she heard the ragged breath of the creature, looked into its smouldering eyes full of blood red rage. A low pitched growl began to fill the pod as it reached in through the door for her, claws extending. The hydraulic pistons closed the door with such force the monsters arm was clipped off just above the elbow, dropping to the floor with a wet thud. The escape pod accelerated, blasting away from the base and out into space. Literally seconds later the pod lit up and heat washed over the remaining survivors as the orbital base exploded from within, Earth in contrast a serene backdrop.

Venus finally slumped back into the chair and let out a long sigh, her body shaking with adrenaline. She had escaped but had Dr Rycroft's most important experiment 'The Being' also got off the orbital base? The fact that he was indestructible would give him a far better chance than most. She had betrayed Dr Rycroft's trust and if he found her first things wouldn't be good for her. All they could do for now was wait for rescue and try to make sense of recent events. For now, they were alive at least.

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