These are all the FREE online games I have created over the past few years, I am a lone developer and I design the game, create the artwork, models, animation, make the music, the sound FX and code everything. All the games are free to play so get clicking and feel free to leave me some feedback below!! Most games were made in Flash, but more recently I started using UNITY so you may need to install the UNITY webplayer or at least right click and allow it to play πŸ˜‰


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  1. James says:

    Hi Psionic, I would like to write a short story about your games like others did, but I don’t know where and how. Please answer, and maybe I would write a story about killerscape III.

  2. Gordon says:

    Psionic. …. The progress bar ?!? Are you going to add one ? Please do that bar soon , especially because you started in ghostscape 3

  3. nitendo says:

    Hey dude, are you going to make that progress bar that you used for killer escape 3 for your next games? Are your next games all unity 3d?
    Are your next games all available for Android?
    Which game you are going to make first?

    Please answer my questions. And thanks very much ☺You’re the best

    • Aaah forgot about the progress bar – Will add one…

      In theory all future games will also be available on Android and also more than likely using Unity!!

      I’m working hard on Ghostscape 3D currently, hopefully more news on a release date soon!!

  4. nitendo says:

    Hey dude, are you going to make that progress bar that you used for killer escape 3 for your next games? Are your next games all unity 3d?
    Are your next games all available for Android?
    Which game you are going to make first?

    Please answer my questions. And thanks very much ☺You’re the best

  5. jack says:

    Hey Genius, I want to ask you about the killer escape 4 thing, are you working on it right now ? Can you predict when the game is going to be 100% done, or
    it is hard ? Well, in general, your games are amazing, but they take a long time to make, but when I play them, I say: ” Well, I waited for a long time, but I didn’t wait for nothing, actually I waited for a game that entertain me and makes me happy, like I found a treasure full of gold ☺” Anyway, take your time. … no pressure…

  6. MizzleBrizzle3313 says:

    Your games are awesome, never stop making them! The games are like just the right amount of twisted! They’re so much fun to play over and over again ;D

  7. Zelfii says:

    KE3 was rad! When can we expect the 4th installment?!

    • Thanks, not many people liked the twist πŸ˜‰ but it will be twisting back in the next installment, not sure when though. I am currently working on Ghostscape 3D for halloween release!

  8. Phoenix Borealis says:

    Killer Escape 3 was a little unrealistic as far as the entire series was going, and I wish there was a body-dropping jump scare like there was in the other 2, but it was still a very fun game to play. It wasn’t too hard to figure out, but it required a fair amount of brainpower, which I appreciated. Another success! I can’t wait for the 4th installment! :)

    • I agree, I will be bringing it back to be similar to the first 2 installments, it was an experimental episode πŸ˜‰

    • jack says:

      Phoenix borealis, you are right, well the the first part was scary and easy, the 2nd was great but not that easy (had a problem figuring what to type for the computer like open door 1, top 8 bottom 45566765……. ) but the third part was so different from the earlier parts and I don’t consider it “from the scary games category “but it was still good.

  9. SRDanger says:

    DUDE! You absolutely NAILED IT with “Escape Eternity”!! You should REALLY focus on the 3D-Puzzle genre for a while. It’s so much different from all of your other great stuff…no comparison to your other top titles, actually. Now, this next comment comes from someone who has played just about every “Escape” game out there…You do the 3D-PUZZLE-ESCAPE thing VERY WELL !!! Yes, it could have been a little more challenging, but considering it’s your first go round you did really an amazing job. The only real downer with this game is that I can’t go back and play it again…(well, I COULD, but it would take me about :45seconds as I know all of the solutions.) If you make more games like this in the future that are visually fantastic and take a lot of effort on your part as a programmer, I suggest you integrate some randomness to the puzzles and their solutions, whenever possible. (If that makes sense.) From a player’s perspective, a shame to only enjoy such a fabulous game just once…
    THANKS for keeping these games FREE, and I’ll keep my eyes peeled, as always, for your future releases.

  10. mike francis says:

    hoy psi gawin mo yung being one episode 6

  11. Mirko says:

    Now I need your help more than ever, Psi! I dreamed of making games since I was 10 years old (I’m 13,5 now), and I want to learn coding – and I think I’ve chosen my starting language: Python (Yes, I know Python is not for games entirely, but I have to start with something easy because I’m still young). So I ask you: Is Python a good choice for me? Thanks πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜‰

  12. Mirko says:

    Psi! Have you seen that? I assure you that you can be VERY satisfied about THIS:

    Armorgames’s “5 Seriously Spooky Games” List :)
    Find it :)

  13. Davi Fragos says:

    I need Killer Escape 4! Nice games πŸ˜€ I’ll try to play all xD

    Greetings from Brazil

  14. Mirko says:

    Psi? Is KE3 the last flash game, and others will be in 3D? Just asking :)

  15. ColdFingers says:

    Oh my goodness!! I love your games especially the Being One series! (I went through all of them in one day, they are so addicting) I love the new Killer Escape game and how it’s tying in with the Being One story line. I can’t wait for more and I will continue playing your games, most likely until my fingers freeze.


  16. stevedave says:

    Killer Escape 3 was fantastic! It was difficult, but we got it done! We truly love these games, you are the bomb Psionic!!! :)

  17. Abdur Rehman says:

    Hey Psionic I just want to say that you’re games are AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Is there gonna be an Icescape 3? Or Ghostscape 3??? Plus I can’t wait for being one 6!!

  18. KatyCat says:

    Would you please make urbex 2 and killer escape 3 !!?? I like those games very much and it is so thrilling!
    I know you work hard for it, but i can’t wait for so long.

  19. LennartPS says:

    I love the all the games, my favourite are: Being One and TombScape, i saw in the reactions from being one episode 6, that the game comes later in this year. so, can you make TombScape 3 maybe, i realy like that game.

  20. Gabe says:

    Just a question, but when you start working with Unity or some 3D engine like it, is it possible you’d also adjust it to work with VR tech? Like the Oculus Rift?

  21. Zoe says:

    Please please please be finished with killer escape 3 soon! The suspense is killing me xD

  22. Elizabeth says:

    Hi! So I actually finished the story a while ago but just finished all the edits and revisions. Is there anywhere I can send it so you can read/revise it?

  23. Lois says:

    Hi psionic :)
    When is the new game going to be up? the suspense is killing us πŸ˜‰ your games are awesome!

  24. S says:

    Hey Psionic, I’m curious if you will ever make a Ghostscape 3. Me and a few of my friends loved those games, and we are really curious if you will ever make another one

  25. Zeb says:

    Thank you for taking time out of your busy day to make such wonderful games, I play point and click games often and I will say yours are by far the best I have ever seen, you make a lot of people happy and stopped more than a few of my days from being completely boring, and sorry to bother but any news on being one?.

  26. Cathy Manely says:

    I was reading your comment that you might start doing your games using Unity. I like the games you make now. You see, I understand that Unity is 3D and I cannot handle 3D images. So if you could, perhaps, you can make two of the same game. Make one like you do now and the other in Unity. That way everybody has their choice of which version to play. I know it would be a lot of work but like I said 3D images don’t work for me. They make me dizzy and give me a sick feeling. Thank you!

  27. Jack says:

    I think the KILLER ESCAPE 3 will be up the elevator because in the KILLER ESCAPE 2’s end , there were few pictures of up the elevator , like the end of KILLER ESCAPE 1 … After the death of “The Burner” , and entering the exit door , few scenes were shown about a surgery room entrance door , and when KILLER ESCAPE 2 was finally released , all the surgery room door scenes were found in the game (matched) ….. so that’s why I think it will be up the elevator ……. We will see if that’s true …….

  28. ana says:

    HI DUDE i just can not wait the new games i chek every day are there new games so im liki AAAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW are there any new games ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
    but there arent so please i cant wait

  29. Jack says:

    I’ll be visiting this website every week to check the newest news and games

  30. Jack says:

    How u doing psi ?! can u tell me when is KILLER ESCAPE 3 is released ??? Pleaseeee ?!?!?!?!? And is there BEING ONE 6 ??? and thank u for those awesome games …. The ICESCAPE series are the only games that I didn’t like , cause the health runs down fast :( … Anyway I hope u create KILLER ESCAPE 3 sooooooooooon and as fast as u can !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. ana says:

    omg i cant wait 4 killer escape 3

  32. greed says:

    Hey! Dude all your games are very good you’re awesome :) I just wanted to ask when will you launch being one 6? no need to rush just take your time (i’m just impatient since being one is my favorite) good luck!

  33. jojoka says:

    hello! psionic, do you have a project to make their games in 3d? I think their cool ideas. I also enjoyed the game Ghostscape 2.

    • I am currently learning and experimenting with UNITY so future games may be totally 3D…we shall see…

      • Jack says:

        Yeah … you need to take a rest … so take it now Mr.Genius !!! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜› πŸ˜€ but I want to see : KILLER ESCAPE 3 , BEING ONE 6 , GHOSTSCAPE 3 and other cool games in the list of the newest games made this yeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrr 2014 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! πŸ˜€ :)

  34. Raymart Jamero says:

    URBEX KE 1 and 2 are awesome! When will you launch Killer Escape 3? Is there a subsequent for URBEX?

  35. ana says:

    happy new 2014

  36. Stacy says:

    Hi! I just wanted to say that the Being One series and the Killer Escape games are the best escape games I’ve ever played! Hopefully you will continue to make more of them. I heard that you will be working on Killer Escape 3 and possibly a new Being One episode? I absolutely love the story lines for these games! Please continue to also write mini stories on these characters; especially Dr. Rycroft. He seems really interesting to me and I’d like to know more about him and what his life was like and maybe the reason he chose to conduct his research. Also, I realized that I don’t know what Dr. Rycroft looks like. Will we ever find out? Again, we love what you do and thank you for creating these games :)

  37. Kiki says:

    your games are addictive love them

  38. HtMD says:

    just got done playing both your killer escape games and that urbex one! those “escape from the bathroom” type games look like rubbage compared to the epicness of these games with the 3D effect! it’s just plain awesome! I especially loved those computers that came out of the wall in urbex, and In closing, I just want to make sure that you know how much these games challenge and mean to me, Thanks! ,’:D

  39. hamza says:

    i love your games there the awesomest sir

  40. Phoenix Borealis says:

    These are some of the scariest games I’ve ever played, and I don’t like horror, but I just can’t stop playing them! Keep up the good work, and I’m really looking forward to Killer Escape 3!

  41. ana says:

    killer esape 1 and 2 are mu favorite games EVER is killer escape 3 coming soon

  42. Rayne says:

    I want to play Pit Dwellers. But whenever I click on the link, it takes me here. Then it say there is not a game link for it. Do you know why it does this?

  43. Calwen Aurellen says:

    Your games are really good! I love them. Just a question: Are you planning to create Ghostscape 3? All two are my most favourite games from you.

  44. Xan says:

    Hey Si, great job on your games, I’ve enjoyed them immensely. I hate to admit it but I first discovered your work on the iOS app store, where some hacks have ported a few games of yours for sale. Will you be doing your own official iOS ports anytime soon??

    • I’m aware of the iPhone ripoffs of my games!! I do hope to put my own official ones on there at some point, only problem is I need a mac to do the actual upload bit…can’t do it on PC so when I get time I need to get a cheap mac that’ll do the job…plus setting up all the Apple App stuff looks like a bloody nightmare lol so I need time to do all that – Android is so much simpler for now ;-/

  45. ana says:

    whats the next game

  46. Maria says:

    When is the next being one game coming out??

    • I’m still finishing up my current project, then I’ll start working on KE3 in the new year probably!!

      Sorry it’s taking so long but I will be focusing my own projects next year so hopefully I’ll be far more productive!!

  47. Elizabeth says:

    First off I want to say I LOVE your games! You are a scare god! I know this is odd but I recently played Ghostscape 2, and wanted to know if I could write a short story for a summer contest based off your game?

    • I’m still finishing up my current project, then I’ll start working on KE3 in the new year probably!!

      Sorry it’s taking so long but I will be focusing my own projects next year so hopefully I’ll be far more productive!!

  48. ana says:

    new gamessssssssssssssssssssssss

  49. ana says:

    killer escape 3

    • I’m still finishing up my current project, then I’ll start working on KE3 in the new year probably!!

      Sorry it’s taking so long but I will be focusing my own projects next year so hopefully I’ll be far more productive!!

  50. ana says:

    creepy doll

  51. ana says:

    i love those games

  52. ana says:

    sooooooooooooo cool

  53. rose nicole says:

    when will killer escape 3 coming out
    please answer this!!!!

    • My current job has taken longer than expected to finish off so KE3 wont be out this side of XMAS I’m afraid, it’ll probably be out early in the new year and I’ll share more as I go along… I am working on ideas/code but I’m not currently on it full time!!

      I did figure something cool out the other day after someone’s request. I worked out how to take a screengrab of the camera frame area and you can save it as jpg right from the game to your desktop to share with friends/facebook/G+ etc and show off the scary things you see…how cool is that?

      This may be used more in Ghostscape 3 than KE3…also coming in 2014!

  54. Zoe says:

    When is Killer Escape 3 coming out?!

  55. Epicman says:

    YOU ARE THE BEST! Plz work on killer escape 3 more, can’t wait :3

  56. Rayne says:

    I can’t wait for the next Killer Escape. And I love Being One! Keep up the good work man!!

  57. Gabriel says:

    Hi!I want new games!!!You are the best but you should get a helper to make new games faster.Thank you for your work.We love you.

  58. Linds says:

    Hey! I just want you to know that, I just ADORE your games!
    Few months ago, with my friend, we played Killer Escape and it was AWESOME, really! Usually, I don’t really like playing these games because it just freaks me out lol but this time I really loved.
    I just finish playing Killer Escape 2 and… wow! Good work, very good work!

    So, I can’t wait for Killer Escape 3 and I obviously will try your other games!

    (P.S : Sorry for bad english, i’m French!)

  59. Jstod says:

    Just found one of your games Urbex; one of the best I’ve played. Good work.

  60. hshsd says:

    when new more escape games will b add in here ?

  61. master_616 says:

    When is your next game? and what about being one 6

  62. giolanter says:

    you are awesome your games are all one and one keep up the good work.Your games are exactly how i want a game to be good job

  63. Da_Fuzz says:

    You work to hard
    How long have you been doing this?

  64. pineconeify says:

    Your games are unbelievable. I was only a little disappointed by Killer Escape 2, in that it didn’t go for long enough!
    But keep up the good work. Looking forward to your next release.

  65. Mishka says:

    You really ought to tell people that icescape 1 is impossible without a mouse (at least I assume that’s the case). Literally couldn’t be bothered anymore, that safe thing is impossible.

    Was totally loving your games before :/ Fail.

  66. Felicia says:

    I LOVEEE Killer Escape 1&2, Tombscape 1&2, Seascape, Ghostcape 1&2, The Night Before, The Morning After…<3

  67. Brian says:

    I love the Being One games! So good! I also loved playing Ice Escape and Killer Escape and I can’t wait til you put out the next sequels for Killer and Urbex. Keep up the awesome work πŸ˜€

  68. Felon says:

    You guys put a lot of effert n a whole hell lota work’ luv all ur games, all of them! Psionic is #1 in my book! People can kiss my ass if they see different! GREAT ASS JOB

    • Psionic says:

      Just one guy…me πŸ˜‰

      • peter says:

        sweat ass job!!!!!!!the best games iv ever seen how do you afford to run you website?

      • Anneli says:

        When will you release a new game? Love killer escape by the way, its awesome. Thank you

        • Psionic says:

          I’m starting a new project today, it’s a standalone game idea for pre-halloween release hopefully (my plans may change though, depending on another project I have starting)

          It won’t be continuation of any of my other games – but I will hopefully get onto Ghostscape 3, Killer Escape 3 & Urbex 2 asap later this year/early next year.

          It will be a creepy scary game, based on ancient witchcraft with plenty of scares and 3 different endings (a first for one of my games)

  69. gerardred says:

    Will There Will Be Being One 6 ?

  70. victoria says:

    killer escape 3 please

  71. SM says:

    Hey youre games are awesome Psi! I have played all of them many times. I loved Urbex so much and I was wondering if theres gonna be a sequel anytime soon? Because it says Incident #1 so Iguess theres gonna be a 2nd one?
    That would be so wicked..Thanks for your answer!

  72. 3DJimbo says:

    Got this game for my kindle fire HD and having watched the walkthrough I’ve noticed that a lot of the games don’t display correctly. The safe has no dials, no paper on the table etc. Up to that point I was really enjoying it but there’s no way I can finish it.

  73. 10blackroses says:

    Loved the Jack the Ripper reference in Killer Escape 2!

  74. Maia Lejeune says:

    The link on this page to Tombscape II doesn’t work for me. I love your games – replay them over and over :)

  75. Alana says:

    Killer Escape && Killer Escape 2 were AMAZING!!! As was Ghostscape && Ghostscape 2!! Is there gonna be a Killer Escape 3??? I’d love to figure out who “The Observer” really is, && escape from him too!!! :)

    • Psionic says:

      There will be a Killer Escape 3 and I hope to reveal more about who the observer is (maybe in a short story on the site) and hopefully you will actually escape!!

  76. Computeruser since zx79 was new says:

    Ahoj! I like to play most of your games:) Urbex and Killerescape was yummy, but to dark thou, needed to have full contrast and full light on the screen, and it was still to dark! I find most of the bloodsamples, but need to consult the walkthruogh to find the rest, laying around, not hidden, but in the dark spots, unable to detect. And printing entrycodes in the terminal didn’t work at all, have to prnt it in a textprogram, copy it and put it in the terminal by X instead. The Technomice, The cabin and The creepy doll I can’t play at all, because they required a Adobeversion I’m not able to get… having Linux, and are restricted by Adobe because of that, pitty! I have to play rest of the Being One serie, 1 and 2 is done, and they are exellent too, except for that (@#&) darkness, hate it. Nice work!

    • Psionic says:

      Apologies for the Adobe version thing on Linux, I wasn’t aware of until recently. The problem is to support new features of flash I have to use the latest version, that said some of these games don’t need those new features…

    • Anneli says:

      Finally killer escape 2 is out…but having problems with the computer in there. Dont get it? Where do i find the four numbers for the computer? Didnt u promise that it wouldnt be so much puzzle in this game? πŸ˜‰

  77. Gretchen says:

    I have a really dumb question. How do you get the game, URBEX, to start. I can get to the screen where you click “BEGIN”, but nothing happens. I really have wanted to play this game but can’t even begin.

  78. Gabe says:

    I’m quite puzzled… how did you make these awesome graphics? Did you take them from pictures of real-world landscapes and such?

  79. Gabriel says:


    I like your games very much and i hope that you are still alive&kicking.Keep up the good work cause’ you got the talent of about 7 people in just one.You.I can’t belive that you are making those games by your own.

    Congrats from Romania.

    PS:Moaaar Games

  80. Derek So says:

    I love URBEX! Hope you can make a sequel!

  81. mariana says:

    so good this games!!! good work. i hope a nice day for you:3

  82. 10blackroses says:

    Some guys could be really creeped out by UrbEx; didn’t scare me much, but I still loved it πŸ˜€

  83. nandu says:

    Hey! Can you please send the model of the killer in killer escape. I need to make the game ‘The Escape from Killers’. send to my email:

  84. nandu says:

    On Killer Escape, can we take our time to escape?

  85. PΔ…czek says:

    Ghostescape 1 and 2 was the best games I ever play (that kind of games). You should make part 3!!! πŸ˜€

  86. Ryu says:

    Dude all your games are freaking AWESOME!!!
    Plus scary as hell! So realistic than normal point and click adventures.

  87. LearningtoBeatLife says:

    I played several of your games separately and they all became some of my favorites (Being One 1-5, Morning After, URBEX, and Killer Escape). Then I realized that they were all made by the same developer. Your games are some of the best on the Internet. Excellent job!

  88. Gabe says:

    I recently tried URBEX and it was totally awesome. The graphics especially! You should make a sequel to that or something similar to it in the future! πŸ˜€

  89. Hana M. says:

    I just played ”URBEX” and i love it! Really awesome graphics and plotline! I can’t wait for your next game!

  90. Marie says:

    I played all of your games,and wow!I loved them all!Can’t wait for more of your awesome games πŸ˜€

  91. Bequila Blood says:

    Hey, I played Urbex last night and it was freaking awesome! Sadly I didn’t finish it (yet) because it was freaking me out, but I will some time in the near future. The first game of yours that I played was Killer Escape and it was by far one of the best escape games I’ve played! Keep up the epic work!
    Oh and the bonus points you get for poking the dead rat, FREAKING GENIUS because poking dead virtual animals isn’t frowned upon! ;D

  92. Daniela says:

    Hi, I just played Urbex, it was awesome. Thanks, greetings from Peru.

  93. Zonder says:

    Thank you for your games, Your games are awesome!!!

  94. domy b says:

    i have to say buddy, i am a huge fan of your games, love the being one and icescape series, also ghostscape, and killer escape?.. that one was awesome! cant wait for more sequels to them all :-). just about to start playing the rest of your games now, never realised quite how many you had made! well done, keep up the great work

  95. Krystal! says:

    Killer Escape is amazing!! Please make more new games soon??? X

  96. Gabe says:

    Gotta play ’em all! The point and click games especially are awesome, keep up the good work! :)

  97. Argyle says:

    Hi Psionic,

    Just wanted to give you props on Killer Escape. It’s the best escape game ever released… The only other comparable one being Morningstar. Taking a page from that game–can you make the next episode longer? Killer Escape was far too short. Also, the puzzles need to be much more difficult. Otherwise, the ambient effects and soundtrack were on point.

    Thanks again for this kickass game!

  98. OberonOrion says:

    I loved Being One 5, but I can’t wait for 6!
    Hope we get to find Dr. Venus, and maybe take out Rycroft.

    • Psionic says:

      I am collecting a lot of good ideas for the next episode. Taking my time designing and concepting things, like what Dr Rycroft looks like πŸ˜‰

  99. patriotfan1752 says:

    i love the icescape series. is there any chance there will be a fourth?

  100. Caymen Crouch says:

    Killer Escape was, as many have already stated, simply amazing. However, upon completion there seemed to be an allusion to a sequel. Is that coming soon?

  101. Echo says:

    Hi. I really enjoyed Killer escape, but the ending sort of confused me. Is there going to be a second one? Is that what the ending was, with the hospital? If so, I can’t wait to play it. Looks awesome

  102. shashi says:

    “ghost escape 1 and 2” are my favorite games of you. What i really liked about those games was taking pics of ghosts and orbs. I’ve never played such a supernatural game before. Bravo! Keep it up!
    can’t wait to see more from you xD

  103. Leah says:

    hi im 12 can i go on creepy doll or is it too “scary”???

    • Psionic says:

      It’s probably best you get your parents to check it out first!! There isn’t any swearing as such but it is a twisted little toy πŸ˜‰

  104. Leire says:

    I love the “Being One” series. Will there be a 6th? I hope so!

    Thanks for the fun times :)

  105. Seven says:

    Hi Psionic,
    You maybe remember me. I am the crazy guy who used the free spider.
    I could not find the forum in your new homepage.
    Does the old one still exist ? Or is there a new one ?
    Thank you and best wishes.

    • Psionic says:


      Sorry the forums have gone for good, too much trouble to run and I simply don’t have the time these days.

      So I’m kinda hoping the website/comments will serve as a forum of sorts πŸ˜‰

  106. Orion says:

    top stuff..thanks for the great games guys.

  107. Osama Hamad says:

    I have just finished playing killer escape…….what an amazing game…it is not an easy job to develop such a great game… graphics, sounds, gameplay and the story. I really appreciate your work!

  108. RecycleBin says:

    Great job on “Killer Escape”. It has great suspense and puzzle while keeping it fairly simple. The story, especially the notes and surroundings, is what makes more than half of the game. Can’t wait to play the next chapter of this

  109. says:

    Killer escape is great game,I cant believe you made it on your own.Best escape game ever!
    Keep up the good work

  110. emrehan says:

    My gosh You Rock!Killer escape is awesome!

  111. Jake says:

    I love your games! Especially Killer escape is my favorite. I still can’t believe you made that by yourself! Great job!

  112. Graham says:

    Just played “Killer Escape”. Got to say well done because it’s one of the best point and click games i’ve played in a long time, especially the jump scare XD

  113. awesomness57 says:

    killer escape awesomeness and best escape game

  114. anuj vanza says:

    killer escape is the best escape game i have ever played in my life n its a bit scary in the loker part

  115. Ganon says:

    I always wondered. Is that the end of Icescape or will there be another one?

  116. Guilherme says:

    Dude, great job on your games !

    IΒ΄ve just played Killer Escape and I thought it was awesome. For the first time, IΒ΄ve decided to send a message to the developer of a game, due to the excelent game made. And then I figured out that you are also the developer of Icescape Series (IΒ΄m also a big fan of this one) ! When is it the 4th game of Icescape coming out ?

    Congratulations again for your excelent work !

    Regards from Brazil,


    • Psionic says:

      Thanks, glad you like Icescape as well (not too many people do ;-)) I will probably do another Icescape soon, I’d like to finish it off!!

  117. mrks43 says:

    I loved “Killer Escape” game!! I’ve been playing your games for several years and I’m a huge fan; you are one of my favorite game makers/developers. Keep up the fantastic work!

  118. WALOWITZ says:

    Really enjoyed your game ”Killer Escape”, I kept on whispering to myself that this is how a point-and-click game should look like! The graphics where great, there was an interesting storyline and the objectives actually made sense.

    Keep it up, looking forward to see more from you Kongregate!

  119. Becky Arnold says:

    I loved “Killer Escape” Crapped myself at the locker bit! Amazing :) Please get more horror games :)

  120. Renčís says:

    Thank you for the Killer Escape :)

  121. Ipshita says:

    Hey! Dude, ‘Killer Escape’ is so damn awesome. I LOVED playing it. Best escape game so far. (Y)

  122. Piugpiug says:

    Just wanted to thank you for your “killer Escape” game, really enjoyed playing it. The best escape game I played so far; good Job!
    Greeting, Piugpiug. πŸ˜‰

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