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Killer Escape 3 – Progress


As you may know I’ve started work on Killer Escape 3, Someone named ‘Gabe’ suggested I add a progress bar and perhaps discuss my progress a litte more so that’s what this page is for!

Killer Escape 3 – PROGRESS BAR

25 %

UPDATE: 03/04/14: I am almost done on the first section of the game – There will be 3 sections in total.

UPDATE: 07/02/14: I have redone the main title page and and themed it differently, I have created a new title tune and am rendering the first intro scenes. The interesting SECRET twist in this episode is that there will possibly be more than one killer…possibly

UPDATE:29 January 2014: A full 3D Killer Escape 3 is probably not going to happen now!! It’s taking me longer than expected to learn UNITY and I need to do a lot of test games before making a full game like KE3 – THEREFORE I’m going to make it in flash like the previous episodes and continue to do UNITY testing alongside KE3!!

UPDATE:19 January 2014: I am learning UNITY and initial tests are looking great, a full 3D Killer Escape 3 is a very real possibility!!

UPDATE 1: As you can see it’s very early days. I’m just starting to design room layouts, 3D Objects and gathering ideas together before writing a plan of action.


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102 comments on “Killer Escape 3 – Progress
  1. Bobbybro109 says:

    Do u ever man profit I mean you can’t make a living on full time free video-game making?

    • Yes I do make a living from full-time video game making but I do also create exclusive games for various big companies as well and it’s sometimes those projects that get in the way of my more ‘personal project’ games like Killer Escape, Being One etc

  2. Anaken Ryzen says:

    hi im from the phillipines can you release killer escape 3 this year im so excited to this game thanks :)

  3. i love your games, please make more.(Trinidadian gamers).

  4. sophie says:

    hello psi!

    the progress bar and update post is such a great addition…
    thank you for letting us into that. :D
    take your time.. in the end, all your games are definitely worth the wait! really love your work, psi! thank you for sharing your talent.

  5. candyman says:

    why not do a teaser??

  6. Guedes says:

    1-The game will have multiple ends?
    2-Do you think that this game can be finished this year?

  7. Grant Turner says:

    will this be the last in the series and will we see the observer?

      • jayswing96 says:

        I hope (maybe not in this one or even the next game) that we may have the chance to meet the Observer, the man behind the scene, the mastermind of this successful(?) operation, the one who basically got you into this mess (and apparently is very much enjoying it). {I don’t know if it’s ok with you, but I’m thinking of making a sort of novelized(?) version of this game series. I probably will end up procrastinating it til it’s perfect, but the idea is there. I’ll probably try to give it you and stuff…yeah}

    • Andresson says:

      So when do you think this game will be released? :) what month? this year rght? :) I just love your games!!! :)

      • I am working on it full time now – I am not going to give a release date out because as you may have noticed my plans/life keeps changing and it’s not fair to keep building you guys up and letting you down!! It’ll be done when it’s done.

  8. Unpatient says:

    Perfect!34 days with 5% progress.Very Fast

  9. huzaif says:

    how about having some more pets and animals like that rat and the pirhana

    and how about having a bomb at the end of the game when the physcopaths know that we would survive they would place a bomb and run away and we defuse it i think it is a good idea :)

  10. Guedes says:

    Hey,Can you put more realistic blood in the game?I’m sure that it will be The Game Of 2014

  11. james says:

    umm you only made a 10 progress so that means that killer escpae 3 will be reales in summer of 2014 correct and and it wont be in 3D you stupid people anyways im really exciting

  12. jayswing96 says:

    Will we get the chance to see the Observer?

  13. The Burner says:

    It looks like Killer Escape 3 wont coming out in February.But it can coming out in March I think.

  14. Daniel says:

    ok but monster and mistery of number 3 in serial killer game? i don’t think so

    • jayswing96 says:

      I have to agree (unless it’s connected to Being One). It’s a serial killer mad house with The Observer (the sick guy) orchestrating everything, and it should stay like that. I wonder how many levels this ‘guy’ is going to have to go through.

  15. Mirko says:

    Why stop dreaming? I´m not dreaming! I only help Psi like others!
    Daniel: If you are so bored and sad that you attack on my address, then attack Lady Gaga if you want! *SIGH*

  16. jayswing96 says:

    Man! This is gonna be so exciting! (scratch that I’m already pumped!) Man this guy is seriously one unlucky guy. The Observer and the other two killers will be interesting. :) This guy has some serious guts though. Most would break after a second killer let alone a first one. Amazing! :D

  17. Daniel says:

    Mirko please no monsters and no number 3, ok psi? and Mirko! STOP DREAMING MAN!

  18. Mirko says:

    Hi! Here are some tips:
    - There should be 3 killers because it´s number 3.
    - The number 3 should be a clue to some puzzles or anything else.
    - Make it very gory and scary!
    - Develop some more storyline.
    - Make that Carnodyne Systems appear in the game (see LIFT at end).
    - Make it non-linear game (Icescape 2 is good example of
    non-linear game – like that monster-killing and 2-way paths).

    Good luck Psi!

  19. Mirko says:

    Everyone is Psi´s FAN NO.1! I´m only one of them. You are too FAN NO.1, Gabe, Madi, Mercutio, Chris, Epicman, everybody!

    • Madi says:

      Yes Mirko! Psi is pretty great! The KE series is DEFINATLEY his best work. However I have never played “The Cabin” have you? I check this site ALL the time! I feel like a stalker sometimes though! :)

  20. Gabe says:

    Quite nice to see you’re making good progress with the game! And, what do you mean by “taking longer than expected to learn Unity?” Are you having issues with the importing, level design, scripting, etc?

    Also, perhaps you shouldn’t have given away that plot twist; unless of course there’s another one…

    Anyway, cheers, and good luck with the rest of the game design! ;)

    • I’m using PlayMaker in UNITY and although I’ve made some great progress I’ve also come up against some issues that I’m not sure how to solve…yet. See I code/design in a trial an error manner so I have to make a lot of mistakes before I know exactly what to do and how to design/code what I want to create and this process simply takes time. So rather than keep people waiting too much longer I figured I go back to what I know and learn UNITY alongside if I can. PLUS learning a new 3D software (modo) is kinda tough too as it works very differently to Cinema 4D in a lot of ways (the shader tree stuff mainly) and I only have so much brainspace ;-)

      • Madi says:

        Hey Psy! So I was thinking, in the past two games the notes you find are from people who have been killed or whatever. But, not all of them end in death!? So what if you find one (or ‘three’) survivors. (or maybe two so the player plus the 2 survivors) Im still sorta confused because the way it sounds to me is that you couldn’t get the 3D software or what-not to work. Ok, well that concludes my comment, hope you take it into consideration etc.


  21. Daniel says:

    i don’t think so Mirko

  22. Mirko says:

    Plans for year 2014 :) I´m your FAN NO.1 Psi!

  23. Mirko says:

    And why is the Carnodyne Systems logo in front of the lift at the end of KE2? I think that it is (logically) leading to Carnodyne Systems. The point is, that in Being One is Dr. Weston Carnodyne.
    So I think when you will finish KE3 & BO6, you should put together that two games and make an ultimate last episode (KE+BO=ULTIMATE).

  24. Daniel says:

    psionic games you going make urbex 2 someday?

  25. maybe you can add a door at the end which says `The Observation`

  26. Mirko says:

    And put some suspense sounds and music to make it like in a real horror! And… to that traps – make them like this: There is some device and there are some switches, and when you press wrong switch – it will trigger some scary scene like you will be crushed to death. That is the point of the traps – RIGHT – GOOD THING, WRONG – BAD THING.

  27. Mirko says:

    Hi Psi. You should make traps like in Tombscape I – that swinging scythes (or axes). And make a lot of scary scenes (It is calm for some time like 5 secs and then SUDDENLY something scary pops up).
    That would be great!

  28. Daniel says:

    Hey you going make ghostscape 3 too?

  29. puzzle1022 says:

    I noticed that in Killer Escape II that you make a reference to Jack the Ripper through the “From Hell” letter framed on the wall of the Tooth Fairy’s Room. I thought that maybe you could make a reference to the Zodiac Killer who like Jack the Ripper was never caught. Some say that he’s still alive today, but he’d probably be in his 60s or 70s. The Zodiac Killer claimed to have killed at least 37 people, but the police were only able to attribute 7 victims (5 dead and 2 wounded) to him. Zodiac was also known for sending letters espically cryptograms to newpapers. Only one of those cryptograms was solved. The rest remain a mystery to this day. I thought that maybe you could include a cryptogram puzzle based on the Zodiac’s cryptograms…Just an idea.

  30. UPDATE:29 January 2014:

    A full 3D Killer Escape 3 is probably not going to happen now!! It’s taking me longer than expected to learn UNITY and I need to do a lot of test games before making a full game like KE3 – THEREFORE I’m going to make it in flash like the previous episodes and continue to do UNITY testing alongside KE3!!

  31. EvilRobot123 says:

    I stayed up late tonight playing 1 and 2 (probably a bad idea lol) and when I came across this site and I read that you were working on a more 3d rendered game I was intrigued.

    I wanted to comment and/or ask if you were looking for a script/story writer or a voice actor. I’ve wanted to get more into voice acting for a while now and this indie game would be a great start I think! I’ll work for nothing and I’m pretty dedicated to things that I have motivation for and you seem like the kind of guy who would be cool to work with.

    E-mail me if you have a chance I’m pretty flexible…

    • Thanks for playing my games and taking the time to comment, appreciate it!!

      I’ll certainly keep you in mind for voice acting etc but I tend to do all the voices myself or get friends/family to do it ;-) What kind of voice/accent do you have?

      • EvilRobot123 says:

        hey thanks! didn’t expect you to actually think about it.

        I usually talk with a wide vocal range from really high pitched to a very deep voice and an american accent, but I can do loose German, Russian, and Irish accents. I can do British and Southern accents really well without making them sound too over done.

        My ability fluctuates from day to day so I guess you’ll just have to see/hear for yourself ;D

  32. AndrewFTW says:


    • In theory yes!!

      I am working on a small test game first that will be released in the next couple of weeks (watch this space) so I can iron out all the new engine bugs and figure stuff out in UNITY but after that I hope to do all my games in UNITY that is in full glorious 3D but with a similar point & click control method as my previous games (not First Person Shooter type controller). The other thing that’s cool is that the extra dimension opens a whole new world of puzzle possibilities and also physics based things that are just gonna be so awesome!!

      The only problem is that you will have to use the UNITY web player to play online (not as widespread as Flash but it’s getting there) and I will also be doing an Android version – both will be free to play, possibly with an advert or two on the webpage and one at the beginning of the Android version but that’s it!!

  33. Raymart Jamero says:

    Uhm… suggestion is to make some gorey challenges like in the “Saw” movies :)

  34. JokerKiller says:

    and does the number 3 thing appear in past parts of the game?

  35. JokerKiller says:

    do the pictures from the first part have something to do with the mystery

  36. Cristina Lechuga says:

    I lovveee these games they kept me locked on my computer for hours.
    When will you be done with number 3

    • I’m learning a new coding language/game engine and new 3D Software so things are going slowly, but hopefully future games will be of a far higher standard once I get past this initial learning phase…SO soon but not sure exactly is the answer…I will post updates when I have them!!

  37. swordsman says:

    maybe you can try Dr Ryan Carnodyne or Carnodyne resarch facility

  38. Gabriel says:

    Will a Magician be the next killer seeing that 3 is the MAGIC number?

  39. brody says:

    this is an amazing game series but please make them gorier and scarier. also please make more

  40. Chris says:

    I love the killer escape series they blow my mind away i think that killer ecape III should involve the death of the mastermind and if not then a 4th killer escape should involve it thats all i have to say i love killer escape series

  41. Jack says:

    I liked the “Killer Escape” series and I’m so excited to play the third when it is released

    Keep working on it :D

  42. Gabe says:

    Oh yeah and one more idea. You should consider trying a non-linear gameplay, such as randomly generating rooms, optional events, and other things that the player wouldn’t expect to happen, leading to different paths and endings. It sure would keep somebody interested, knowing not every playthrough will be the same!

    • I would love to do this but it involves a lot more work and filesize – I will definitely consider it though because it would be cool if Killer Escape 3 had 3 different endings!!

      • Gabe says:

        Good to hear your consideration on the multiple endings part! :D

        For the random rooms and multiple events, you could keep it in thought when working with Unity (if you still have plans on it); I’ve played some games that did those and it’s not as complicated as doing it in Flash 2D.

        • I did a quick test last night and got flash to grab the camera frame and save it as a jpg right from flash, awesome potential for sharing pictures of the scary things you see ;-)

          I will be considering Unity in the near future but will need to do some smaller projects before working up to a full game, surprisingly there’s a lot more to making a game than just making the rooms.

    • Madi says:

      I really think that’s a good idea… because then when (and if) they create a 4th ‘Killer Escape’ then you can play multiple times… I also hope in the third, “The Burner” should come back. (in the first one he really didn’t look dead, just unconscious.) More gore would be ideal, even though I’m a girl, that really doesn’t faze me… Except when the dead body falls out of the locker… That was good and unexpected… Anyway I hope you consider some of my ideas…

  43. eddzetarabbit says:

    Hello, Psionic! I just dropped here to say that I liked all of your games and how you designed it! I enjoyed playing the Being One Series, Killer Escape Series, and Icescape Series, although I don’t know what are we gonna expect for the next game in the UrbEx Series. I heard that you’re making Killer Escape 3; I’m so excited to play it by the time its released (though it is somewhat scary, like the locker scene in KE1).

  44. AndrewFTW says:

    Hey psionic you should put a new phycho killer where he is gonna be called ‘The Butcher’(remind a bit the killer from killer escape 1 but no exactly).He will be more violentic* and he will have many dead bodies(please make them disgusting so the game can be good).Idk anything else for ideas.Let me know if you liked that idea.

  45. Mirko says:

    P.S: Sorry for my English, I´m Slovak.

  46. Mirko says:

    Hello Psi. Somehow I saw the Carnodyne systems logo in KE2. The same logo was in BO (IDK what episode – maybe 5?). So there could be some evidence of BO and KE can coexist. You can add it to the game. I´m looking forward for KE3, Psi!

  47. VikyBsc says:

    Ahh buenisimo sabia qe lo harias jajaj se que estará muy bueno como los otros dos e incluso mejor :)

  48. Mercutio says:

    Somehow I keep considering this series of games as some “killer in the making”, as in, how to traumatize someone enough so that the killing doesn’t not become a defensive answer but a natural one. The observing party being quite bored with all their killers and wanting the ultimate one shaped by their hand XD

    Then again, 3?… could have riddles based on that.

  49. Psionic's #1 Fan! says:

    maybe there is 3 people involved.

    (player, killer and observer)

  50. Gabe says:

    Glad to see you incorporated my idea. :D

    I just noticed, at the top it says “3 is the magic number.” Perhaps in the story, somebody, whether it be a character other than the Killer or the Killer themself, could have some kind of obsession with the number 3. In the game, the number could be used as a clue to solving some of the puzzles found in there.

    • Yeah, that’s the plan ;-)

      • Epicman says:

        maybe, you could make him meet the observer but get away, like, perhaps, an old farm with a crazy farmer cutting up the victims in an underground nuke base, being a cannibal?

      • Cainne says:

        ok. here’s my suggestion. how about a little bit twist.. we all know that there’s a group or syndicate that haunts the player and that’s the team of the “Observer” (shall i call Him “The Masquerade” and his “Puppets” call him “Puppet Master”?, uhm. let’s make another team or group of vigilante. a group that that haunts both “Masquerade” and His “Puppets” but let we involve this third party against the player, the are not harming the player and not also making another obstacle against the player but instead they are helping them. ok let’s consider them as another survivors from the past killers. for example.. a secret room(maybe an optional room that doesn’t involve from the clues and the puzzles) when the player open the room there was a child, she said that she was a survivor, then all we have to do is to make a choice if we let her go with the player alive or let her be killed by another Killer, the other survivors could show the player some hints and clues as well as what the note does in the 1st game, then for another suggestion about the life of the other survivor, when you are ready to escape, the killer captured her, your only choice is to let the girl escape with you and tackle the killer away to grab the child and let the killer died or just let them both killed, and if the player doesn’t open the optional room, when the player reach the door to escape, the serial killer captured (drag/ tried to stop) it from escaping until the other survivor would save you and smash the killer with something like pipe or some thing, then the player have to choose if we could save her from strangling against the killer by smashing him with pipe or something or just let them killed again, then when you save the child, a group of mercenary(nor even authority) would rescue you and escort you to the nearest police station, (they are the other group) but while you’re in the car with a friendly mercenary, a huge Jeep-type truck hit your car, kill the friendly mercenary, and captured you to another “Killer escape” (probably, it’s the 4th part).

        • Madi says:

          That’s a little much… and confusing… or maybe you can have a person (or ‘three’) who helped write the notes be in the game…

  51. greatkingtut says:

    the killer should be based off a urban legend

    • I will keep that in mind ;-)

      • Cainne says:

        i idolized this game and i wanna say thankyou for making this game, as your #1 fan can i suggest and help for making story for this game, for more thrill and more actions please. let me help, you can message me on facebook for my suggestions, i promise you’ll never be upset for my works, add me on Fb, (cainne kristopherr nato alipio) that’s my account name on fb ( ).. i’ll wait for your reply on my fb, thankyou again and godbless you psionic games!!! more power

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