URBEX – New scary escape game

URBEX is a game about URBan EXploration created by me and brought to you by Armor Games

Explore an old abandoned factory invited by a trusted friend, Things quickly take a turn for the worse and you discover all is not what it seems in this factory!! Can you escape alive?

Click here to play URBEX here and rate it as highly as possible please πŸ˜‰


Any questions feel free to ask below and if you get really stuck here’s the walkthough video πŸ˜‰

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9 comments on “URBEX – New scary escape game
  1. Abgel says:

    The game “URBEX” is just awsome. I played it more than 1o times last week. Waiting for URBEX 2. :)

  2. Robert says:

    Psionic I hope you really see this comment as I say my dissapointment here by the fact that your game(Urbex) on Android is not available in Romania,please psionic do that even if it is only for me, I so wanna play it on my mobile phone and I simply can’t because of that restriction :(

    • Psionic says:

      Urbex was set to distribute in the UK & USA only (accidently) and is now set to all the world (including Romania) but the others have always been set to all the world so I don’t know why they are not working for you!

  3. Psionic says:

    Urbex will be released to all websites on Monday the 22nd April 2013, so if you have a portal or want to play it prove your better than your mates via mochi highscores, watch this space!

    I will be putting it on Newgrounds & Kongregate too as if you’re a member of those sites please play it, comment & rate it. Appreciate it!

    Later in the week I will also be putting it on Google PLAY for free to play on Android mobile phones and tablets!

  4. Revenger210 says:

    Wow, a new game by Psi!


    I’ll check it out as soon as I can!

  5. Robert says:

    But don’t you think you have too many projects now?I mean Killer Escape,Urbex,Being One and Icescape?

  6. Robert says:

    Psi I wanna say one thing about this game:BRILLIANT I absolutely enjoy it,it’s a really long game,spooky(I wished it was a little bit scarier),a major improvement by splitting the game in 7 parts and saving the game after each part completed,the idea with big flies that kill people is awesome!You have a 10/10 from me but I want to ask you 2 things.Why at the end when you get out of the factory and the flies come after you,they pass by and don’t try to attack you?And is there going to be Urbex 2 because of the ending or because of the stuff that at the beginning of the game it says #1?

    • Psionic says:

      Thanks! Yeah there is definately gonna be an URBEX 2, with a shock beginning/ending to part 1 that will help explain why they aren’t interested in you as such πŸ˜‰ (hint – There is a bigger threat to them behind you)

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