Killer Escape – Walkthrough video

This is the official walkthrough video for my latest game released late 2012. There are some items like the fuses and the notes that are in random positions so not likely to be in the exact same places in the video when you play through, so keep on searching!! Any questions, problems etc, please post below and I’ll do my best to answer em asap!!

Killer Escape available on Android


Any questions, still stuck?

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145 comments on “Killer Escape – Walkthrough video
  1. hail says:

    On the table there should be pieces of paper…there isn’t any. And like other ppl said there is no dial for the safe.

    • Yeah, unfortunately I have no idea why this happens in that game only – for some people…it seems to be a flash/browser/GFX card issue that there is no way I can fix unfortunately. Please try it in another browser or on another computer if possible!!

  2. jamielynn says:

    Where is switch 5,6,7 and 8 ? Please respond back

  3. Tass says:

    where is the fourth relay switch? 1: in cell room next to cell bars, 2 :is on top of manhole, 3 is next to safe, and fourth switch? cheers

  4. Excellent.
    Very well designed game-ideas,strategy and puzzles which a
    are great for cognitive enhancement. Not much violence shown which is great-just impression is given.10/10
    However, I need help as I have destablized it to max but still unable to finish the game.

  5. JT says:

    The game is fun . And easy.

  6. JT says:

    The green fuse is ether in the boiler room in the spider web or in the storage room in a spider web

  7. JT says:

    I beat the game but I still dont get the gears

  8. Mindy says:

    Can’t find the green I looked through all the web’s and didn’t find a green fuse.
    Please help.

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  10. christy says:

    I have solved all the puzzles, everything seems to be in place. The last thing that I believe to complete, is to find the cell key? The generator won’t blow up?

  11. mand says:

    How do I save a game as I have to start from scratch each time and it takes ages?

  12. popi kp says:

    I can’t get the failsafe to max… help

  13. Morgan says:

    I’m still in the main cell! I’ve found the little key and the locker key and two notes and thw green failesafe and replay switch and the vent and I’ve did the pressure valve and I’ve seen the pictures on the wall I saw the numbers on the pictures and I see a panel on the wall but the game won’t let me click on It!!!!

  14. maylani says:

    I seem to be having trouble finding the red fuse. I checked every where and I don’t know where else to look. If any one has suggestions where to look that will be most appreciated.

  15. jayswing96 says:

    This game is so awesome! I swear I got a mini heart attack when the lady in the red dress fell out of the locker. I wish we knew more about the guy we’re playing as, and whether or not his luck has always been this bad.

  16. e says:

    What does me versus you mean

  17. Jojo says:

    I played for over an hour tonight. I found and placed everything; however, my safe had no dial. Is this justva glitch in the game? I’ve searched everywhere and can’t find anywhere else the dial might be hidden.

    • Nathan says:

      ts okay it took me a while to find the generator wheel to but I found it in the safe and the safe code I put was 6 2 0 and it worked for me and when the safe opened the generator wheel was in the safe with a note

  18. Jojo says:

    I’ve been playing for over an hour and watched walkthrough. My safe has no dial, so i can’t get to generator wheel. Is that just a glitch in the game?

  19. chris says:

    I can’t find the big key to the main cell door. Where is it?

  20. Galaxy Pretty Boy says:

    Where are the switches in the game? Because i can’t seem to find the last one.

  21. JokerKiller says:

    wait,if me vs yo is 2 what about the other parts?how can ‘the third one isn’t a number at all be 2?does it apply to something or…

  22. JokerKiller says:

    and the solution to the riddle is?

  23. Kylie says:

    Where is the 1st fuse..

  24. Linda says:

    U keep answering ppl that ask the sam simple question over n over but for th ppl asking u including me y it won’t. Blow up says more. To do first n the val es I still need to do. But I still dnt got last. Note peices for the thing with the arrows in boiler rm n the valve pipes I’m suppose to turn all five n can’t do that cuz. No wheels r on Them n pressure machine is dead. None of the black. Lines r moving back n fourt h like walkthrough shows upset two hoursn sooo close! I’m stuck I think its messed up did everything don’t get this problem
    Plz help explain

    • It’s possible that because I was using some 3D Rotation code to rotate certain things it’s not showing up on some peoples phones/tablets because they don’t have 3D. I am looking into fixing it…sorry about this, I did not foresee the problem!!

  25. WoDota says:


  26. ChantalleFGH says:

    What will I do to the Pressure Stabilization? I don’t get it >.<

  27. Net says:

    Can’t seem to get into the safe. I know the code but there seems to be a plate or something covering the dial how do I get that out the way? Thanks and brilliant game xx

  28. abby says:

    How do I get the pipe from the cell floor I think

  29. Abby says:

    I came second on the highest scores my name is the surv
    I was meant to be the survivor but it wouldn’t fit

  30. Alice says:

    Just discovered this game today and it has me hooked.

    Done EVERYTHING except switch the last failsafe… any tips? Thanks!


  31. cat says:

    I followed what you said but just cannot find the pipe where exactly is it

  32. caitiekkkrazy says:

    How do you get the main pressure and valve regulater to maxamum

  33. justin says:

    How do you open thensafe? Awsom game by the way.. I find it confusing as hell though

  34. mimi says:

    I wasn’t able to see any dials or pieces of paper………………..bummer

  35. erwin says:

    I’m finish thisgame

  36. Zordion says:

    what is “overdrive”

  37. alia holt says:

    with the pressure pipes wat is the pattern im stuck

  38. Kathy says:

    Can’t see note on table or dials needles on boiler or flywheel on pressure pipes. This prevents me from finding the flywheel fisherman’s last note. What step am I missing that triggers this stuff? I have watched th e walk through multiple times but don’t find any reason for it

    • Charlene says:

      I have the exact same issue. I also watched the walkthrough up to the point of the safe to see if I missed something but I had completed everything shown.

  39. Holly says:

    Superb game! Graphics,music, truly all was great. I am a huge player of escape games and this has to be the best yet.

  40. Alex light says:

    too scary and too hard

  41. Rose says:

    Great game. Could of had more scary surprises. I look forward to playing more by you including Killer escape 2!!!!

  42. I can’t get in to the safe!! Plz help!

    • deena says:

      Did the walk thru, some of the objects I need I can not see. The levers on the main boiler are not there. The puzzle that you spin the are no letter pieces. The safe had no combination wheel, so y you can not u unlock it. Because I can not open it I can’t get the pieces to blow the generator. Have worked over an hour and with out the whole game working it is useless!!

    • Tyrone says:

      The password for the safe is 6 2 0

  43. Cam says:

    whats me versus you me need to know now

  44. John says:

    i have turned all pressures to max but failsafes is still not full what to do

    • Josh says:

      During the first scene in the cell look directly up and you’ll see a screwdriver use that on the side of the wall, right side from where you got the screwdriver and use it on the “brick in the wall.” Take the item and use it on the failsafes when they are on the “off,” down. After that I’m stuck cause I did everything got the boiler dials to max and still looking around and see nothing…

  45. joey says:

    How do you get the pipe down in the first cell?

  46. Maya says:

    yay I finished it:) and I got 4th place in the high scores I’m unknown!!!!! Yay awesome game u should make a killer escape 2 can’t wait to play all it other games!

  47. alishee says:

    How do I get the boiler to blOw up and what are the fuses for??

  48. alishee says:

    Where is the screw driver and the brick. How do I get it off of the wall??

    • Psionic says:

      Use the screwdriver to get the brick off the wall, when you start off it’s in the top right, on the pipes (Check the walkthrough video)

  49. alishee says:

    Where is the screw driver and how do I get the brick of of the wall?

  50. rami says:

    what does me vs you mean

  51. caleb doyle says:

    were is the fourth fuse at ive already got every thing ready I even opend the safe without the jigsaw puzzle thisd is all i need if you would plz respond asap thanks caleb

  52. Alyson says:

    Where is the fourth fuse located?
    Answer as soon as possible please!
    Haha, thank you c:

  53. Tyraneisha says:

    How do You figure out da jigsaw puzzle and the 9 didget code and open tje storage? Please answer and this is a really AWESOME game.,.!

  54. patrick washburn says:

    This was a great game! I don’t care for point & click games, but I would if they were this good! It was difficult, and yet very logical, and a great creepy theme as well. I will be looking for more, thanks!

  55. amber says:

    I need help how do you find the wheel to the big generator

  56. JAY says:


  57. crazy_dreams says:

    i cant find the locker key >~<

  58. ben says:

    where do i put the fuses

  59. CJ Harris says:

    i got to the generator twice and once i turn on the generator it wont let me go back to the storage room like i said its done it twice now

  60. markita rice says:

    How many notes are there

  61. markita rice says:

    How many notes are ther

  62. AMARENDRA says:


  63. Tysonchicken100 says:

    I got the wheel,all four fuses,metal pipe and got the generator running but still says I got to finish everything before I blow.What do I do?

  64. jessica says:

    I’m stuck in the first cell . Plz help

  65. bobby says:

    I have 2 questons 1 what do you have to do to open the locker. 2 where is the device to turn the generator. Love game

  66. Haley says:

    Um….how do I get the key wheel?

  67. taz says:

    Great game. How do I get into the safe, there is no dial to turn as in the walkthrough? Also the scrapes of paper with the code to the safe were not there either. Please help – I would love to finish the game.

  68. Dustin says:

    I have been up playing killer escape all night. I love the game, have everything critical except overdrive. Have all fuses in and fuel, but it won’t let me turn the key wheel or put the key in the overdrive generator. It says I need to complete everything first, but like I said, the boiler shows everything critical except overdrive. Please help, thanks.

  69. gaima says:

    How to start overdrive …I got all fuse metal pipe n key

  70. Rid says:

    I got all dials in critical section except the valve regulator(which is 60% turned). what should I do??

  71. oioi says:

    what is the overdrive thingys, and how do i turn them off?

  72. iNS4NiTY says:

    Wheres the Number on the wall? :(

    • Psionic says:

      It’s in the first cell/room, look left and there’s a load of letters with one number in the middle = zero

  73. alexis says:

    i did it!! lol great game. wish there was more to it though

  74. alexis says:

    i need help :( i cant get out of the cellar

  75. jalila says:

    It has been a long time since i really enjoyed an escape game, great job dude, get back on the track,cant wait for the next one!

  76. Ice says:

    Where did u get the pipe? pls. answer

  77. Ines says:

    Hiya, great game! I have no problem with the puzzle, they’re all okay, but let me just say, valve-turning is a little bit of a pain in the ass control-wise. Even when I know what to do, it becomes kinda irritating when tricky control gets in the way. Should not let things like this get in the way of what could’ve been a perfect game otherwise.

    • Psionic says:

      That’s a good point and hopefully I’ve finally learnt my lesson when it comes to irritating controls 😉 I’m trying to make gameplay elements that take skill, not guesswork!

      New game coming out later today with any luck!!

      Hope you all like it and rate it highly on Armor Games for me 😉

  78. Ashish says:

    Awesome Game Mate… so Damn Awesome!!!

  79. Kndragon says:

    Great game. The lockers almost made me fall out of my chair lol.
    Only part that annoyed me was finding the last fuse and fail safe I needed, but that’s more on my part for not seeing them.

  80. dustin says:

    how do i get past the boiler room

    • justine says:

      check out the old photos on the wall of the cell (by the meathook). Some have X’s on them. Copy the pattern of the X’s onto the keypad by the locked shutter in the boiler room (it drove me nuts for a bit too).

  81. irtaza says:

    I have collected all fuses but generator not blowing and the other thing is how to stop switches

    • Psionic says:

      You need to find the tape from behind the brick in the wall on the right in the first cell, to tape the relays down/off permanently!! Don’t forget to find the metal pipe in that room too, in the ceiling above the rat/vent!!

  82. Brian says:

    I love this game. Wish it was longer. Is there gonna be another one

  83. cody says:

    Im stuck where u have to flip the switches in the right position and make th light get off of green

    • Ashish says:

      Use the diagram outside the room, and place the switch as they are there :) the switch to the right hand bottom corner is a decoy, won’t be used anymore.

  84. julia says:

    I’m doing quite well so far but i cannot find a single fuse… help?

    • Psionic says:

      ** 9 WEBS = 2 in cell, 2 in Boiler room right, 1 in Boiler room left, 2 in Storage room, 2 in Locker room.

      There’s also a fuse in one of the lockers, in her hand…

  85. stephanie says:

    I can’t seem to get the part with all the diff valves u have to turn In sequence…any suggestions?

    • Psionic says:

      See the steam coming from a pipe? Follow it along the pipe to the valve on that pipe, click to turn that valve = done. The steam changes to another place/pipe now so do the same. Do this about 4-5 times in a row to blow the pressure!! Good Luck 😉

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